Funnier lately

I feel funnier lately. Not in a weird way, but in an actual laughter ha ha funnier way. I’m more comfortable on stage, less concerned about saying something the exact way I want to say it. Delving into retelling a story and trying to bring the audience along with me. I’ve had a few comics tell me “that was a really good set”. Comics don’t usually give nice feedback freely. Either they say something generic like “nice job” or they don’t say anything.

I’ve always felt funny along these lines; with friends, at parties, meeting new people. But somehow when I first came to the stage it didn’t come out naturally. I cared a lot about what people thought of my comedy. I really enjoy making people laugh and the fear that they wouldn’t just took over and consumed me. I still care about making people laugh, but somehow it’s different.

I think about that woman out there that has a couple of kids, a full time job and a ton of stress who just wants a fun night out, who wants to laugh. That was me, I want to make me laugh. So I share my mishaps, life events, crazy thoughts and if it makes you laugh, great!

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