Comedy Fame and Fortune

Well not quite yet, but if I say it enough maybe it will happen. I did win a contest on November 18th. My first win and my first money for being funny. As a comedian who finds the laughter in the pain I try to justify to myself that it was a small contest, that it was only the first round of the contest, that the other comedians present had less experience… what ever I can come up with that takes the win and makes a less bigger deal of it. Yeah, self deprecation, I may take it too far.

It’s funny, people think when you do comedy that you’re out living the life of a star, making money left and right, laughter goes with you everywhere. That is so not what happens. It’s long nights in a dingy bar waiting for your turn to silence the room with your new bad joke. People telling you what they think would be a funny joke, how they have always been told they should be on stage doing comedy but they just can’t seem to get on the stage, people telling you why they did or didn’t like your joke as they assume the role of the newest and brightest comedy critic on the scene. Yep, comedy fame and fortune, here I come.

Don’t get me wrong, I treasure ever moment in the bar hanging out with the funniest and brightest upcoming stars of tomorrow. My brethren in pain and laughter. Nobody gets you quite like a comic. I take in and enjoy the audience members after a show that want to come up to you and tell you how they are a single Mom too and laughed at every thing you said. That makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I love being able to make people laugh. It gives me purpose beyond being a Mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an employee… it’s something that goes beyond a relationship dependent on another person. My comedy is for me which is intrinsically cool because it happens to benefit others. Comedy fame and fortune, here I come.


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