Friday Fun

What a fun, renewed, long day 🙂 Did the corporate thing all day (where I analyze business process stuff… yes stuff is the technical part of that statement), then up to Central City for some… comedy. Yes, comedy, not gambling. Louie Anderson came to town, did a benefit for Historic Georgetown, Inc. at the Central City Opera House. What a great place! I’ve walked by it before but never been inside. Deacon Gray from Comedy Works opened for him, it was a good show. Always enjoy watching two comedians I like.

Had dinner with a friend, then off to the 404 for comedic laughs of my own. I go there late so I wasn’t sure if I’d get on the list, but Andrew Smyczek manage to squeeze me in. Was a weird set, I was actually contemplating going home, was beat from the day, then Smyczek pats me and says you’re next. Had a guy tell me I wasn’t funny but I was hot. Didn’t quite know how to take that. On one hand he called me hot, on the other… not funny. Bah, I’d rather be funny! So I told him my vibrator joke and all is right with the world.

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